FREE, a word that many people love hearing. Let us introduce you to 10 Coffee Shops that provide free meeting room! (T&C applied). Give your friends or colleague a call and visit any Cafes of your preference!

1. Arabitia

FANCY is a word that best describes this Cafe. The meeting rooms are free of charge and can contain from 6-8 people. Just at TK area!

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2. Brewhouse

Meeting rooms here are usually fully booked because it is free of charge and comfortable! Ideal place for students and workers! Book now before it is full!

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3. Caputea

Best for students because this Cafe has a small meeting room which is FREE of charge. Everyone praises this place for its cozy environment!

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4. Cafe’58 & Bakery

A lot of Cafes are at Sen Sok area but those that have meeting rooms are just a few. Luckily, we have Cafe’58 & Bakery!

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Cafe’58 & Bakery

5. Duck Cafe

This meeting room looks so good! Is it free?? YES, it is free for the first 2h once the food and drinks are purchased!

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Duck Cafe

6. Mobile Coffee

Do you know that Mobile Coffee not only sell on Automobile but also has its own store? Even more, there is a meeting room inside as well that can contain up to 10 people!

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Mobile Coffee

7. Kulen Coffee

Located in Orkide, Kulen Coffee looks absolutely stunning from outside! Believe it or not, if we say the room is totally FREE? No kidding! The room is huge and suitable for any events ranging from training, seminar, or volunteer meeting.

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Kulen Coffee

8. The Ath Coffee

Despite the fact that The Ath Coffee looks tiny from outside, it has a comfortable room inside that can hold up to 20 people!

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The Ath Coffee

9. The Jungle Cafe

A free meeting room is can be used for any purpose ranging from doing school assignment, rehearsal, project meeting and more!

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The Jungle Cafe

10. The Matchart Cafe

You can now do your work and enjoy the drinks which are famous for its Japan taste! Call your friends now!

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The Matchart Cafe

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