Meeting again! Sick of going to the same place every day? Have no idea where to go? Try new places now!! There is a variety of spaces available for either small or big group. Now you can meet with friends or colleagues in peace!

1. 365 Cafe

Located at Boeung Trabek area, 365 Cafe stands out among all shops along the street. The meeting room here is fancy and comfortable which can contain up to 10 people. The environment is brilliant! Also, delicious food is ready to serve while having a productive meeting. .

365 Cafe

2. E&M Cafe

Seeking for big space for training or small events? No worries! E&M Cafe has both rooms available for booking. The small room can contain around 30 people whilst the big room can contain up to 50 people. One of the best place for training, seminar and meet up! Ohh Catering is also available as well. You will not hungry while meeting anymore!

E&M Coffee

3. Amazon BKK 51

Amazon fan? Have you ever notice some of Amazon shops have meeting rooms? It is free of charge for the first 2 hours if bought more than 10 drinks. Meeting more than 2h? Doesn’t matter! The additional hours will be charged $5/h only. Space can contain up to 12 people. Come anytime from early morning until night!

Amazon BKK 51

4. Caputea

Seeking for a silent place? Come to Caputea! A Meeting room in Caputea is available and the good thing is it is FREE of charge! Come and bring your friends! The environment is awesome. One of the best place to meet up with friends and colleagues and start a productive meeting!

Caputea picture

5. Grit Cafe

Need big space for conference, training or seminar? Grit Cafe has a big hall ready for booking! This conference hall can contain up to 100 people and there is catering available as well. Book now with a very reasonable price. Ohh are you a small group of students or worker? Grit Cafe also has a small meeting room as well. What are you waiting for?

Grit Cafe

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