1. Start early

How many time do you use one-night policy? Stop using the word TOMORROW. Students usually put works off until the last minute. Start changing your habit now and stop saying I will do better for the next semester!

2. Check with professor

How often do you talk to your professor? Pay a visit to his/her office hours and ask for feedback after you have outlined the assignment. This will save you a lot of time because it prevents you from going to the wrong direction. Haven’t done that before? Give it a try!

3. Study in the group

Learning is teaching. The vital part of studying in a group is to gain more understanding by teaching. Teachers in the U.S. advise students to study in a group for at least 3-4 hours a week in order to learn efficiently. Haven’t had a study group? Form one!

4. Using meeting room

It is suggested to use a meeting room when doing a group assignment. But my school doesn’t have a meeting room, what should I do? You will not want your team to get distracted from surroundings. Why not change the way you meet? There are a lot of meeting rooms at the cafe available for use. But how? The best way is to book through . Quick and easy!