Finding space to study in a group? Volunteer meeting? Company training? You are coming to the right place! Here are 5 spaces in Toul Tom Pung Area! Check it out!

1. Cozy Cafe

The meeting room is equipped with a variety of facilities and can consist of 10 people. The price is absolutely reasonable, only $5 per person for half day.

Cozy Cafe

2. Deja Cafe

Small group or a big group? Deja Cafe has both big and small meeting room! A big meeting room can contain up to 30 people which cost $30 per half day and the small meeting room can contain 10 people which cost $20 per half day as well. Come and visit Deja Cafe now!

Deja Cafe

3. Mix Cafe

Mix cafe is just across the road of Toul Tom Pung Market!! The entire first floor and second floor are bookable. Space is free of charge if drinks and food are purchased. You can lead an event because this Cafe space can contain up to 40 people! Try a new experience at Mix Cafe. Ohh and this Cafe has a variety of books to read as well! Book lover out there?

Mix Cafe

4. Mobile Coffee

Don’t want to spend money on space? Mobile Coffee provides a meeting room for FREE of charge! Do group assignment? Volunteer meeting? Friends gathering? Come and lead a productive meeting at Mobile Coffee now!

Mobile Coffee

5. Java Cafe

Finding a room that is not too small and not too big? Come to Java Cafe! A meeting room in Java can contain up to 18 people! Best fit for a medium group, gathering or training. The store opens since early in the morning until late at night. Come anytime!

Java Cafe

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